Friday, October 17, 2008

Why don't you start a journal?

I write in my journal quite a bit. I also get given them a fair bit. They're quite fancy and special, and good for recording thoughts, feelings and moments. At the present time, I have four on my desk.

To start your own journal, go to the stationary section at Myer, David Jones or at any nice book store or stationary shop and pick one up. Here are some of my picks for the prettiest internet buys (with prices and stockists if applicable):

Everyday Milk Bottle Notebook

By D-Bros

RRP: $20

Could the design be any cuter? D-Bros make plenty of fantastic designed notebooks. Take a look around on paperavenue for them.

Owl Crafty Notebook

By Gift Wrap Me

RRP: $12

Everyone of these journals looks different because every one is made with a different vintage fabric.

If you're stuck with what to write here are some suggestions:
1. Write a sentence a day, sort of like: Today I...(felt/did/ate/saw etc)
2. Write a line from a song
3. Draw a little image
4. Write a fictional entry
5. Write down an interesting fact
6. Write a haiku
7. Write down one thing that made your day, something to be thankful for

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