Sunday, January 17, 2010

The grand improvement

Another weekend – where did the week fly off to? I had an interesting week back at work. But the weekend is great!

I was in the Salvos store a few weekends back with my brother after our coffee run. We always have to have a coffee run when it comes to my brother, as I believe he is two parts coffee. Anyway, I begged him for a few minutes grace and ducked in into Salvos despite his whining of it smelling of old people. I perused the dress racks and wasn’t I glad I did? I found this lovely 80s does 40s black polka-dot 100% rayon dress. As you can see however, while a nice faithful piece, it sure looks a little um, frumpy and overwhelming on me.

Note however, the lovely fitted waistband, slightly padded shoulders (that are falling off my shoulders...), peter pan collar (swoon) and lovely swishy skirt. Yes, I loved the frump but wanted more from its frumpiness. So I took it to my dress maker and got her to alter it. She was so impressed by it (she always is by my vintage clothes) and she made it fit like a jiffy, shortened the sleeves, created a sleeker bust line, and took up the skirt.

Ta da!
Dress: Sportsgirl 1980s
Shoes: Vicenzo from Stylebrazil
Earrings: Fifties fair at Rose Seidler House
Brooch: Gift from my boss for my 21st

I like that it’s still 40s-esque without being too heavy on me. I intentionally made it just above the knee so that it would still look somewhat true to form, and also so that when winter comes around I can wear it with stockings and boots and not be too cold. Yay for 80s interpretations I say!

And I will add that these are one of the two pairs of shoes I ordered from Stylebrazil. They’re great quality and are just so lovely! This pair are a wee bit tight so I’ve been wearing them in with socks (an attractive look no doubt) but they’re perfectly balanced. You don’t get the wobble heel walk in these, no sirree! My Mum now wants a pair!

Enjoy the rest of your weekends,

Love WTP x

P.S. Thanks to my boyfriend for the photos.


Sam said...

Wow! Your dress maker really did wonders with that dress! You two make a great team - maybe you guys should go into business revitalising slightly out of date vintage clothes?

Mary-Laure said...

GREAT JOB! You made it look so fresh.

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