Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nice things that happen because of butterflies

Remember this bag from Allen Company Inc?

I have been carrying it the past three days. It is so cute and lovely in real life. Everyone has been commenting on how lovely it is, which makes me feel totally justified in what I spent on it!

But then this evening the sweetest thing happened. A taiwanese guy on the train came up to me and handed me a little note before jumping off at the next station. I opened it and it read:

A beg me pardon, love the very cute handbag which ya carrying, could you be so kind tell me the brand of the bag, if there is a also a name of it that would be great ^.^, via facebook message or email, please. P.S. You have such gorgeous hair style as well ~ ^.^

That really made my night!

Hope your week has been going well, I have been at the Opera House seeing Regina Spektor and enjoying dinner with Jennifer Lauren of Pretty Little Pictures!

Love WTP x


Kelley Anne said...

That sounds nice. I hope you had a wonderful time out. I just watched 500 Days of Summer yesterday and loved all of the Regina Spektor songs on the soundtrack.

Louise said...

That is such a gorgeous story. I love it when strangers feel compelled to compliment. I approached a lady on the ferry the other day who was wearing the most divine 60s suit, but I think she thought I was made.
Tea soon perhaps? I work on Market St, live in Neutral Bay.

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