Saturday, June 5, 2010

You Beauty!

I don’t ever mean to be a downer on here, but it’s been one of those busy, crazy, hectic, emotional weeks that has left me feeling a little down in the dumps. So down in the dumps I wore jeans and not a spot of vintage clothing on Friday as the rain and the cold and the stress and the sadness got me so down and so uninspired I couldn’t even face stockings.

Normally when I feel like this I’ll watch a feel good film while wearing stilettos with my pjs, and drinking tea and scoffing junk food. I have scoffed so much junk food lately I’ve put on weight and my skin is a map of Switzerland. It's attractive. Oh yes.

So instead I decided Friday afternoon that I would have to go in the opposite direction. Attempt Lindsay Duncan in Under the Tuscan Sun and wear a gigantic hat with feathers and dance drunkenly in a fountain. Or just on the street because it’s raining an awful lot lately and my lawn looks kind of like a pond.

But then I got home on Friday night and got a pleasant little package - from Jean Jean Vintage. Ah, yes, it made me feel all better. Can't you see why?

I. 80s Candied Violet Necklace
II. 50s Chase Me Bangle
III. 30a Filigrana Choker

Duff is so sweet - she even sent me a little extra something in the form of this enamel bar pin. There must have been vintage jewellery karma happening because I had been admiring it on her blog!

Hope you had a great weekend kiddlets,

Love WTP x

P.S. Big thank you to the lovely Sam from Matou En Peluche for posting about my etsy store. She did a little interview with me, so check it out here. She was the first etsy seller I ever bought from - and the first to buy from my store! Make sure you check out her store too - she has the most wonderful prints. I have many on my walls!


Jean Jean Vintage said...

Ellen! I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see the pics of you and the jewelry . . . it is just so thoughtful. You are a doll.

Pretty Little Pictures said...

Aw, I hope everything is okay! You can at least look forward to the long weekend this weekend, I sure am :) Those are beautiful pieces :)

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