Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Your say

My stylish vintage chickadees (or gentlemen, just making it fair) I need some advice. I have an important dinner coming up and would love to know what to wear..... Outfit options below, please offer your insights, kindly, thank you :)

Option one:

Option two:

Click on the images to see them up close and for the details.


Love WTP x

P.S. Back to normal programming shortly - things happening ;)


Louise said...

Sounds intriguing.
And it is so hard to choose. I love both options.
I'm rather useless, aren't I?

Pretty Little Pictures said...

I love the pink version - but I guess it depends what you are going for.

Feminine, pretty chic (pink) or strong cool chic (black and white).

Hope it all goes well :)

Sam said...

The top set - love those dusky pinks with black.

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