Sunday, September 26, 2010

Very Mature

The weather in Sydney this weekend has been glorious. Humid, sunny, and calling for spring dresses (the only downside of course, is that I spotted my first mosquito tonight. I hate those critters!). Today to reward myself for a weekend of staying indoors and cleaning and steaming (blerg!) I decided to have lunch in the park with Astin.

Astin was wearing her cute fruit print 80s dress from Dear Golden Vintage that has a lovely story behind it. She had originally planned to buy it, and then lost her job, so couldn't afford it! But for her 21st one of her friends got it for her. I lent her a cute beaded necklace to match her dress, and of course, we both needed parasols to avoid some sunburn. And well, let's face it, parasols are just sweet!

And well, I decided to defy the vintage naysayers and wore a white crop cardi from SES, a fifties cotton skirt from Sassy Susie Girl and my hair styled pretty much as vintage as I can do! I also added a cute red art deco pin from Jean Jean Vintage and red flats from Natasha.

As a side note, I just wanted to thank the many of you that sent me kind and encouraging words after my last post. It was very much appreciated and nice to know that I haven't been the only person who has had to put up with some of the negative from time to time. I also wanted to single out Melissa, a lovely reader, who emailed me to say: “You've got vintage peeps that admire your sense of style...and we don't want an eyeful of naked boob!!! Leave that to those foolish ones that are willing to pay $400 for a dress the size of a hanky.” I cracked up for about five minutes solid. You're all a great bunch and I'm very glad that blogging has introduced me to you all :)

Love WTP x

1 comment:

Shallow Mallow said...

Love both your outfits :)

re those vintage naysayers: I am just imagining you like a bull fighter waving vintage like a red cloth..
Overactive imagination? Me? Never.

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