Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Saturday night I went to another 21st (yes, two in one weekend!) at The Italian Village at The Rocks. When the occasion called for cocktail dresses and lounge suits, I immediately knew I needed to wear my Vera. When I saw this Vera Wang dress on Prance and Swagger, I snaffled it up. I couldn't resist those back slits! My co-workers are determined to steal it though, and to make ‘wang’ jokes too, ie. ‘Your wang fits perfectly’, ‘Why don’t you show us your wang?’ and 'Can I stroke your wang?'. The jokes go on forever.... I wore the dress with Miss L Fire heels from Anthropologie, art deco earrings from Pinguim and a Natasha blue suede belt.

Love WTP x

1 comment:

Blue Fruit said...

Worth the joking banter though, they are only jealous!

And who wouldn't be jealous, of a gorgeous outfit like that. You look stunning.

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