Sunday, June 19, 2011


This is my favourite shop front for vintage jewels and gems, antiques and accessories. It's a little treasure trove of goodies. I can spend ages staring in the window seeing more and more amazing items (today I spied an antique coin purse). I didn't take in-store shots because they were shutting up, but it's a tiny hole in the wall place with space for only maybe 6 people or so which can get a little cosy I admit. I'm always worried about swinging my bag into a shelf and demolishing several items in a go. But I always find goodies. Always.

Love WTP x


Jean Jean Vintage said...

Yes! I love it! And I love how it is a bit disorganized so you really have to hunt with your eyes. I spied a few nice things in there.

Blue Fruit said...

Now that is a real treasure trove! I know what you mean about being nervous with handbags - I am always like that in vintage shops - especially in the china section.

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