Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hong Kong (again)

Back from another trip to Hong Kong. I really love the East Meets West Vibe of this place, even if trying to communicate to taxi drivers where you want to go gets a bit confusing at times! I did a lot of shopping, stayed at the exceptional Traders Hotel (I can't recommend it enough -if you go to HK, stay there) and shopped a small storm up. It was so nice to experience a summer not unlike a normal Sydney summer - glorious heat, sunshine and not a drop of rain really topped off the experience. I spent a lot of time in the hotel pool as a result. I figured I'd share a few happy snaps of my time there.

Love WTP x


Teresa said...

Looks like you had a fantastic time and this is the perfect inspiration for my planned HK trip in October. Thank you!

I'll have to check out Traders hotel and will possibly ask you for a few more tips soon. :)

Sam said...

How wonderful! I've been to Hong Kong a couple of times and I absolute adore it - it's so exotic and fab! Love your photos!

Katie Thies said...

That isn't the Peninsula, in the third picture, is it? Some things look similar- but again, it's been almost four years. *tear* I really need to get back over to the Eastern Hemisphere!
Katie @ Those Other Things

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