Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A week in wool skirts: Tuesday

I love baby blue with black, it’s such a contrast. I especially love this blue wool pencil skirt - it's so warm and I love the colour. And of course, still in love with deco jewellery and inspired by watching Underbelly Razor on the weekend, my insanely long black beaded necklace with a (detachable!) rhinestone and celluloid charm got a work out.

Merino top: Portmans
50s pencil skirt: Dear Golden Vintage
Shoes: Nine West
Forties cocktail ring: Jean Jean Vintage
Dyed blue jade bangles: Hong Kong Jade Markets
Beaded and celluloid charm necklace: Boylerpf

Love WTP x


Kelly said...

Oh, I missed Underbelly! I must remember to watch it online ...

Kelly @
Elegantly Academic

Teresa said...

Loving your week of wool skirts! Can't wait to see the rest of them.

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