Monday, September 26, 2011

Oh Miss Marilyn

Whenever I watch a Marilyn film I get struck every time by how amazing this lady was. In the past I didn’t really get the Marilyn thing, didn't understand the fuss. But now I get it. She’s mesmerizing to watch and beautiful beyond belief. And yet she’s even more, more than I can even put my finger on. Long live Marilyn.

Love WTP x

P. S.Images from Dainty Rascal - all of these dresses she custom makes! I see a cherry print dress in my future.
P. P. S. Just to put the undying rumor to bed, Marilyn was not an Aussie size 16. She wasn't any kind of 16, except perhaps a vintage size 16. According to her seamstress, Marilyn was 35-22-35 inches. Absolutely tiny! Usually she weighed 54kgs.


Louise said...

Yes, she's absolutely mesmerising to watch onscreen. I just rewatched How To Marry a Millionaire the other day. The scene in the powder room! Wow.

amy said...

She is enchanting. There is something within her eyes that tells a story.

It saddens me, a bit, how most women don't strive to look like this anymore. Her size is stunning, and now all we see are stick thin ladies.

Love your blog

hugs (^.^) hope to hear from you *

Michelle's Style File said...

Stunning pics!


Sam said...

I agree! She certainly had that elusive je n'ai ce quoi! You can't really say what it was: looks? charisma? A bit of a mystery really...

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