Monday, November 7, 2011

Saturday afternoon

After a relaxing lunch with an old friend I came home on Saturday to my dog all wet from a bath. She wanted to play ball. So out I went into the garden for a game of ball and some quick photos of her, oh, and me. How very teenage Myspace pose of me!

Btw the river is not actually in my backyard, though it may as well be. Every day I walk this footbridge over the river to get to the train station. I figured I should snap a picture on such a beautiful day. Living about 100 metres back from a river is fantastic – cool breezes!

50s dress: Becky Drolan
Shoes: Senso
40s sailor necklace: Jean Jean Vintage
Bangle: Mango
Glasses: Dotti
Earphones: attached to my iPod ;)
Black nails: Rimmel

Love WTP x


Jean Jean Vintage said...

It's the handsome sailor! So fun to see him again. Also, I want to snuggle with your dog.

Sam said...

Is that the Parramatta river? Lucky you! What a beautiful part of the world you live in! ...and your little puppy is sooo sweet!

Wild Tea Party said...

hehe Actually Sam it's the Georges River. I've lived near it my whole life.

morry said...

You had really enjoyed your day with your old friends and your dog that was great. River is looking fabulous.
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