Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Turning 23

Age is funny, isn't it? At work I'm the 'baby' because I'm the youngest. At home I'm the big sister. Among friends I'm just averagely aged, and as of next birthday I'll be mid-20s. But I've never thought of myself as 'old' until recently when I was told one of my tutoring kids has finished university in architecture. At first I was chuffed, and then I was like, 'Oh dear me. I feel so old. Wasn't I his HSC English tutor... uh, yesterday?'

Oh well.

Birthday went by with lots of fun, including a night on the town with 15 of my fellow averagely aged friends. Here's just some pics of the fun, as well as some pressies, cards and treats to me. In case you're wondering, I was wearing a Senso dress, 60s beaded bracelet and 60s rainbow silk clutch from Allen Company Inc for my night out. The necklace is a Victorian seed pearl and enamel piece from Ast for my birthday. So adorable!

Love WTP x

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