Saturday, March 10, 2012

Who says crime doesn't play?

While 20s clothes aren't exactly figure friendly on me, it's no secret that I love all things Art Deco. So Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on the ABC has me spellbound. Of course, I'm not the first to blog about this show, but I was watching it last night with my mother, and we were talking about how fabulous it is beyond the aesthetics (Her house! Her hats! Her dresses!). It touches upon key issues at the time, from the ethics and legality of abortions, homosexuality, and chastity. And of course, the now ridiculous hostility between Catholics and Protestants. That, and well, who doesn't love a sassy lead who doesn't mind soaking in Turkish bath houses, flying planes, and dancing the night away in a jazz joint?

And because I love you, you can watch previous episodes here on the ABC website.

Love WTP x


lauren said...

what the??? i have never heard of this show. i need to see it!

Teresa said...

I'm really enjoying this show! She has the right amount of sass, the fashions are gorgeous, and the wide range of Australian accents is rather splendid too.

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