Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Winging it

I'm absolutely loving the Autumn weather finally. We've had such topsy, turvy weather lately. We had a hot burst and then a cold snap, and then this weekend the weather was sunny and still warm enough to skip on stockings. And yes, I'm wearing a dress that was in my shop. I realised how much I liked this when I made the mistake of trying it on again. I really love this whole outfit in fact. The puffy Art Deco earrings are perfect and fierce and fragile, and I've been wearing them to death. I also slipped in this magnificent Edwardian hair clip from Jean Jean Vintage into my bun. Isn't it NUTS? I knew it had to come join my collection the moment I saw it. And there's my new Gorman cardigan I bought recently. It's green and it has buttons that look like the cross section of a tree. I think these pieces were all made for each other.

Oh and yes, my dog came to help with my photos. Bobbles is such an attention seeker!

Love WTP x

Wearing: Dress: from my shop, Sherwood Cardi: Gorman, 70s cut out wedges: Ginger Root Vintage
Earrings: The Hidden Chamber, Art Deco carnelian bracelet: Ebay, Edwardian Hair Slide: Jean Jean Vintage


Teresa said...

I adore the colours you're wearing Elle! The dress is pretty and it looks so perfect with the Gorman cardigan. The cardi is a great length too!

Jean Jean Vintage said...

Umm, so you look like a Roman goddess in the third photo. And I think you were right to keep that dress! So excited to see the hair comb out in the world again, too. Merci!

Wild Tea Party said...

Awh thanks Ladies :)

And Duff, that's because I am a Roman goddess :P

granny chic said...

I love your blog, so I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! Take a look:


Kate S said...

Your hair is so beautiful! I wish I could get my hair to look the same way.


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