Thursday, August 30, 2012

Masculine & Feminine

It’s been so quiet on the blog this month, which is funny; because it’s actually been hectically busy on my end, and then over the weekend I got the dreadful virus that seems to have hit the whole of Sydney in one go. Everyone starts the same… a drippy nose and a sore throat, and then bam! Try four or five days bedridden. So here’s some of the stuff new to me lately until I'm back on my feet again. I really like the way some of these pieces are fierce, like the sword bangle, the slightly military inspired feel of the jacket, and the medal-esque brooch, yet equally gentle and feminine. The sword bracelet is possibly my favorite of all of these... how cool is it? It takes nautical to a whole new level. When it arrives I'm going to run around, jingling my wrist at people and saying, "I'm a Pirate!"

Love WTP x

Top to bottom:
50s chiffon dress: Old Faithful Vintage, 60s rhinestone medal brooch: 52nd Street Vintage, Fustanelle Jacket: Anthropologie, Victorian Sword Bangle: Boylerpf Jewelry


Pretty Little Pictures said...

There is nothing like new stuff to get a girl back on her feet again :) Hope you get better soon!!

Teresa said...

Beautiful pieces and I agree. There's nothing like a little pretty shopping to start helping you feel better.

Sending well wishes your way.

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