Thursday, July 25, 2013

Are you sure you only want $2?

I had 15 minutes to kill until an appointment when I decided to detour into the nearest op shop. I wandered on in, reminding myself not to buy anything, just look. Rows of icky smelling grandpa jackets, unattractive knitted jumpers, boring as can be bags... shelves of straw hats and plastic cups... lots of unattractive shoes. Phew, I was going to make it out without spending a cent. And then the bright blue caught my eye from behind a glass vase. This cute-as-can-be peacock embellished vase was $2. Well, it was for charity, who was I to leave it behind? I'm glad I grabbed it and then had to run to my appointment after a nice chat with the lady at the counter. I love it.

Has anyone else had any exciting op shop finds lately?

Love WTP x

1 comment:

Teresa said...

What a beauty and only $2 too!

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