Sunday, October 6, 2013


So, it turns out Prince Harry came all the way to Sydney to check out some boats or something ;) It's amazing seeing our harbour crowded with war ships for the International Fleet Review to celebrate the century of the Australian Navy and hear the honking horns of the boats and the cheers of those around as we watched the fireworks. We Sydney-siders, we know how to throw a party - even the weather put on a show!

Thank you to my gracious party host and dear friend, Ellen of Talk&Spoon. Check out her blog for a dose of total food envy. 

Love WTP x

Zara S/S 2012 top, H&M shorts, Miss L Fire wedges, Anthropologie earrings, Covergirl 'Gogo mango' polish


Chloee said...

These pictures are so lovely
gorgeous blog xx

Anonymous said...

totally didn't see this post until today! you took some lovely photos! :)

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