Monday, December 9, 2013

A quest for happiness II

A few months back I posted about the things that make me happy because I wasn't feeling crash hot. As December rocks around, it's been a rocky few months for near and dear between deaths, illnesses and dumpings, making the jolly season a little less, well, jolly. 

So, a part two on things that make me happy because spirits should be high this time of year.
  • watching the Hogfather on a lazy Saturday afternoon. If you haven't seen it, do. Basic premise? It's Hogswatch (a bit like our Christmas for the Discworlders), but rather than the jolly Hogfather coming down the chimney, it's Death, picking up the job for the night while his granddaughter (played by Michelle Dockery) finds the culprit for the Hogfather's disappearance. It's funny, heart-warming, imaginative - basically a great movie for the whole family. Watch the trailer here
  • giving myself a facial and pedicure at home. 
  • wrapping presents for special people
  • eating delicious, crisp summer salads
  • glitter heels
  • going for a drive to see the Christmas lights
  • beautiful, plump cherries 
  • wearing fake lashes
  • laughing at my star sign reading with my co-workers
  • my new Tutankhamen decoration from Pottery Barn
  • getting dressed up for the ballet
  • cleaning out my wardrobe
  • Fifi Lapin pendants around my neck
  • my Christmas tree
  • cutting out paper dolls
  • the delicious freshly brewed coffee scent of the Devon Dry Goods 'Espresso Cacao' candle
So tell me, what makes you happy?

Love WTP x


Harlow Darling said...

So many things on that list that are making me happy right now too - getting dressed for the ballet, cherries, Christmas lights, sparkle shoes :D

Amanda said...

What a lovely collage =)

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