Thursday, March 13, 2014

My gran

I've written about my grandparents before here, but this post is entirely dedicated to my beautiful grandmother, Veronica. When she was young she looked so much like my mother. My great grandfather always used to say to my mother, 'Who looks more like your mother, you or your mother?' and it's entirely true!

A few little Nan facts:
  • My grandmother has dead straight hair - not that you'd know it from these photos!- and spent years of her life asking her mother to take her to different hair dressers in the hope they could 'cut' some curl into her hair. 
  • She went to work in the city when she was 15 for a typing pool. When computers came out, she refused to ever try typing on the keyboard. But then, to this day, she's never had an ATM card either!
  • My gran always kept her nails long, and when I was a kid she'd run her nails up and down my shins to make me nap. 
  • Nan loved pierced ears - in fact, when I got my second holes (which have now closed over), she was fully in support, much to my mother's horror. Good old Nan!

Also, how cool are her sunnies in the last shot?

Love WTP x

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