Sunday, May 4, 2014

Do the twist (bun): Hair tutorial

This is one of my favourite "mm my hair looks a little fluffy, slightly, possibly a tad greasy today" dos - though it works just as well on clean hair too. It can be messy and relaxed, and it's easy-peasy to do, yet I feel and look like I've gone to some effort. It works for pretty much any outfit too - I've worn it to work, on weekends, and even with a party dress. 

Click 'Read more' just below for the easy step-by-step!

What you'll need:
Bobby pins
Dry shampoo (optional)
Detangler (optional)
Shoulder length hair or longer. 

1.  Oh no! Look at all that crazy untamed hair! That's my natural hair texture, post wash and air dry!  If your hair happens to be dirty though, now is also a good time to give your hair a little refresher with some dry shampoo. 
2. Give it a spritz with a detangler, I find it helps make this do a little more manageable and give it a comb through. 
3. Create a side part. Then, from the crown of your head to behind your ears, section this bit off and clip it out of the way.
4. Take the bottom section of hair and start to twist it until it starts curling up itself and going a bit wiggly. 

5. Start wrapping it and pinning it into a bun shape. If your hair isn't as long as mine (and let's face it, it most likely isn't!) then just twist it into a loose twisted bun for this step as you might not have as much hair to coil with. 
6. Pin it all down securely. You should now have a wiggly, wormy twisty bun thing happening!
7. Let the top section down. Pull the hair towards one side which is where the top section of the twisty bun will start from. 
8. Start twisting the top section and then wind it over to the right and pin it there. 

9. Keep winding the hair and pining it down, twisting it around from side to side so it blends with the bottom bun. 
10.  Secure the look with extra bobby pins if necessary. 
11. Hair spray and you're done!

Don't forget to jazz it up with pins, clips or a sparkly hair band for parties if you so desire. Let me know how you go if you try this - always happy to tweak the instructions if they aren't clear enough. 

Love WTP x

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