Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Year that was 2015

You know how each year you always say, 'This will be the year that everything will be better!'. Well, sure, 2015 didn't bring hospital visits. But to say it was better? Possibly not. People I love and care about got ill, I struggled my way through my anxiety and depression, and I'm still struggling to get my weight down again. Ho hum.

That's not to say 2015 didn't have it's high points - it did. My Stockholm and London trip will always be remembered fondly. I've added yoga into the mix and my body and mind thanks me for it. I am really excited about being the Face of Daisy Jean Florals next year. I gained yet more friends - and from the blogging sphere no less. I feel like I know my dress style even better but aren't afraid to experiment either. I've written a lot. I've taken pleasure in small things again, like taking the dog for a walk and having manicures on a regular basis without guilt.

I've linked each picture to their original post from 2015. Enjoy if you want a refresh or are brand new. See you in 2016!

Love WTP x


Tanith said...

Well it was definitely a stylish year, whatever else happened! I hope 2016 really is that dream year for you, or at least a good approximation of it :)

derrick recky said...
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Bonita Vear said...

I'll echo Tanith and say that whatever 2015 held for you, your style was always on point! I hope that 2016 brings loads more of these gorgeous fashions and a brighter, happy year for you sweet gal! Plus, that blue floral and baby blue cardigan 50s look? So much adore! ❤❤❤

bonita of Lavender & Twill

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