Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The photos we hadn't seen

When in Europe last year my brother took photos galore, and it was only recently I actually got to see any of them. It was a nice trip down memory lane in a way, and he inadvertently caught photos of me I wasn't expecting or snapped on the go so I had no idea if I looked decent. Some I admit I've laughed and said, 'Oh hell no is anyone seeing that!' but others I really like, like these ones, even if my brother never gets feet in a photo. 

I always think of that trip fondly. Our time in Stockholm was a true pleasure, and I'd happily go back to such a perfect city (shame about the weather though!). London was also wonderful for me this time - I'd done the traditional tourist things already so I got to relax a lot more - shop, the Lush Spa, museums at my own pace, and see some dear Aussie friends. 

I'm keen to return to London later this year to see Nora of Nora Finds and visit a few more exhibitions, and perhaps then head up to Scotland, or down to Belgium. In the meanwhile, I can live vicariously through these photos once more of Stockholm, London and Paris. Although another part of my brain is suggesting I simply retreat back to HK for a week and rest my soul anonymously among the high rises, harbor and the mountain. 

And yes, I did wear the hell out of my Dita Von Teese trench on holidays. 


Emma Powick said...

Aww youre going to visit Anora! Wish I could come too. I was going to be pedantic and say across to Belgium but it is down really. All i remember about Belgium is driving through their many times in the middle of the night on the way to Germany and there never being any service stations open! It pretty flat and boring!

gwenstella said...

Looks like a super versatile trench coat! xo

Nora T said...

Yes yes yes I approve of this plan :) :) And I'll make sure to book things properly beforehand so we can skip the queue and all!

Bonita Vear said...

Okay ~ I have to know... With the guardsman; is that A Wild Tea Party in jeans I spy, or am I just imagining things?? Either way, fabulous shots and fabulously glam outfits! :D ❤

bonita of Lavender & Twill

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