Monday, February 15, 2016

Love yourself

Happy belated Valentine's Day kids!

I've been thinking a lot lately about love, and especially self love. I'm reading the new book Radical Self-Love by Gala Darling lately and love so much about it, even her take on Valentine's Day. Your worth is not dictated by whether you get flowers, or presents. Love you, give yourself that kick arse love, and that's what really matters. And she's right.

I sincerely recommend this book for anyone struggling to love themselves, and it's come to me at a time when I actually really need it. I'm not a 'self-help book is a solution' kind of girl. In fact, I mostly scoff at them. But this book is kind of like having that kick-ass friend who calls you on your nonsense and bad patterns, but rather than scolding you or making you feel like a disappointment, buoys you up instead to make the changes you need to. 

In case you're interested in reading the book and want an idea more closely about what's in it, I will break it down. There's information on tapping (a strange process, but I will give anything a go if it works!), there's talk about how to change your thoughts from negative to positive, how to surround yourself with the sort of people who reflect who you want to be (scary thought, we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with!), letting go of unhelpful relationships and situations, positive manifestation, personal style and even a little magic. There's home work to do (including self love dates! My fave!), and lists to be made, and goals to reach.

It can be hard to imagine that bloggers aren't people who love themselves when they're out there in the world taking pictures and sharing their interests - but it's not necessarily true. We're only human after all, and some of us battle immense health issues away from the public eye.

So here's to more laughter, confidence, self-kindness, forgiveness, sparkly things... and self-love. I really want by the end of 2016 to feel like I have my spark of joy back, live authentically, and love who I am.

You can learn more about Gala Darling and her book Radical Self-Love here.

P.S. Doing this shoot was hard for me, my heart is heavy and sleep is evasive. But, as I mentioned previously, red lipstick and lashings of glamour are important to my state of mind right now. So I carried on in loved up style. 

Collectif top via Gwynnies, Retro Spec'd skirt, Mimco heels, Dorothy Bauer earrings, David Jones hat.


Tanith said...

I love how the photos turned out, with the striking whites and darks and the ethereal quality of the hat.

I had heard someone mention this book before, and I appreciated reading more about it and what to expect from it. It sounds like something I could use.

Nora T said...

That hat is effing amazing. The portraits are really really really beautiful and your face is sooooo Vogue!! xxx

Mohammad Salauddin said...

What an amazing look this is. absolutely brilliant.

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Porcelina said...

The power of red lipstick eh? I think I mentioned on Instagram just how wonderful I think that first photograph is, there's something incredibly vulnerable and intimate about it. You model so, so well, it's a natural talent. Please don't think you're alone, I think one thing that bloggers master is the art of faking-it, even when we're feeling at our lowest. Like I said, the power of red lipstick! (And some nice underwear, that's what does it for me!) xx

Bonita Vear said...

These photos are rather haunting m'dear ~ and perhaps the mindful time you are experiencing is expressed in these shots. But red lipstick always helps and it's good that a pretty frock can go somewhat towards a happier frame of mind. xxx ❤

bonita of Lavender & Twill

Harlow Darling said...

The first and fourth photo could easily be a 50s Vogue cover - so I second what Nora said!
That book sounds fantastic :)

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