Friday, April 29, 2016

Change places!


It's been a busy few weeks my end - medical tests and appointments, crazy work life then unemployed (by choice!) then being hired freelance, and studying again. EEEeeeeeKkkkk. I was having a long hard think about where I wanted my career to go and it just wasn't floating my proverbial boat as it was. I loved working as an editor, but the stress was adding my anxiety, and life is too short to be unwell! So, I asked my friends for ideas on what my strengths are and what they value about me, and aside from how lovely they all said I was (hehe, awh shucks you guys), they all pointed out how I like clothes. What, you haven't noticed?  So, in order to give myself a change of pace and more flexibility to look after myself, I'm studying personal styling! The plan is to start my own personal styling business down the track, which, I kind of already do for some friends and family anyway!

Of course, one of the hardest things about styling is never rail-roading an individual's taste with your own. You guide them to create their own unique, strong, flattering look, whatever that will be, without taking your bias to the table. Yet, it happens so often that when you wear vintage, people think they too should offer you advice about your outfit if you're not period accurate.

Quell horreur!

Frankly, sometimes I want to be period accurate and meticulously study my make up and accessories to get it right, but sometimes, sometimes I just want to dress like this. It's fun to mix and match eras and styles, and especially add pieces with personality, like my latest Deer Arrow brooch. I love the look of vintage Barbie dolls, so this Eve brooch was beyond ridiculously good.

You've seen this skirt before of course on the blog, and it's one I love year after year. The pockets are the killer bit for me, and this time I wore a petticoat so they could really be appreciated. I'm going to focus a lot more on re-styling classics in my wardrobe, and I'm excited for the challenge going forward!

The Original Bad Girl JD top, Vintage 1950s cord skirt, & Other Stories heels, The Vintage Drawer Lucite earrings, Deer Arrow Plastic Fantastic Eve brooch


Nora T said...

I do love that skirt and I think it is definitely important for us to restyle our classic pieces! You look beautiful as always - and I just want to remind you that this new chapter will be awesome. And I will be around any time you want to whine :) xxx

Mimi Zorz said...

Good luck with your new career,
you look lovely as always, x

Harlow Darling said...

A beautiful, timeless look - I love these colours together. I think you have definitely embarked on the right path and I am excited to see where it takes you!

nbalike said...

Lover Fashion

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