Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Back to the Fifties... again!

Well, after the glum little vintage girls of last year, left stranded all dolled up with nowhere to go, this year Miss Mary Weather smiled once more on the Fifties Fair!

Sunshine abounded, and Naomi of Lila Jean Vintage and I were both thrilled to get our glad rags on and head to the fair. A little shopping, a lot of chatting (and lines for coffee) and bumping into lovely ladies ensued. And of course outfit photos!

Normally I buy something new for the fair... but this year I told myself to just wear something I already owned, so I pulled out this gorgeous Suzy Perette number I bought last year. It's actually nice to re-wear things! I'm so guilty of wearing a nice evening dress once and then hiding it away!

Speaking of this outfit, I am putting a note here to remember that next year I should not wear THREE petticoats and a panty girdle. Trying to use the portaloo was a nightmare. Picture me in that little box, trying to hold up three layers of petticoat and my skirt while trying to undo the eye and hooks on my WKD panty girdle and then trying to do it up again after (which ended up with me clipping my petticoat to my panty girdle and having to undo it and start again) and then wash my hands all while trying not to actually touch anything. You needed to hear this story, because... well, yeah... I'm all class.

It's always such a pleasure seeing so many well dressed people, having silly photos with friends, and listening to the live music! Until next year Fifties Fair, you beloved Vintage Christmas!

Retro Fit Pattern Suzy Perette 50s dress, 50s clip on earrings and rhinestone cuff, My Vintage Hat Shop 50s net and straw hat, Wittner heels, Vintage 50s op shop bag, Prada sunglasses, 50s Cashmere cardigan.

Thanks for the pictures Lila Jean Vintage - you can follow Lila Jean Vintage on Instagram here.

P.S. If you love this design of Suzy Perette dress there are several fabric variations out there - though I've never seen this fabric before or since!


ModernVintageStyle said...

Such a lovely dress and a beautiful print that somehow seems to give the 50s style a contemporary twist. Kx

Porcelina said...

Stunner of a dress, I'm glad you gave it another outing! Lovely happy photos too, beautiful x

Nicole said...

Such a pretty outfit! And, haha, yeah that story about the abundance of petticoats in the portaloo sounds like something I would do too. :(
The Artyologist

Tanith said...

That laughing photo is just too lovely!

But why do portaloos have to be so small and rubbish? I'm so anti-portaloo in any clothes, but three petticoats does sound like an extra adventure :(

Bonita said...

Oooh, the fabric of your Suzy Perette! It's such a fabulous colour combination, and the pattern is really unique. Such a gorgeous look, and I'm so glad you had great weather and good times!! ❤

bonita of Lavender & Twill

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