Monday, May 1, 2017

Late bloomer

A belated Easter post? So unlike me. I usually am all over that chocolate coated holiday of dreams with my floral ensembles. But this Easter was different, and my weekend escaped into a blur of things that didn't go to plan. I won't go into it, but needless to say, getting a blog post up hasn't been priority one these past few weeks.

Autumn is starting to creep into Sydney finally, after all, it's now May, and I admit I'm not thrilled. I have some great winter clothing, but as I work mostly from home or in private residences, my excess of silk velvet and fur tipped jackets is overkill (though will be greatly appreciated in a few weeks for MBFWA). This dress was lucky to get an outing really!

I teamed it with a hair scarf and gloves for a traditional look you guys know I can never resist, but like to deviate from. My taste in clothes is so all over the place in the best kind of way - I feel so free these days to wear whatever I like when I take the fancy, after all, clothes are just fabric that express an attitude. And who knows, tomorrow I may wear a sequin mini skirt if it takes my fancy!

The Vintage Drawer 1950s dress, Zomp heels, Vintage 50s suede gloves, Daisy Jean Floral hot pink scarf


Porcelina said...

Lovely colours in the dress, and your headscarf picks out the pink beautifully. A very pretty ensemble indeed! We are hopefully going to be able to wear this kind of thing if Spring warms up a bit (still feeling a bit chilly here in Wales).

Nicole said...

I love that bow detail on the front of the skirt- what a unique idea! I love how you've paired this dress with the headscarf and gloves too.

ModernVintageStyle said...

The dress is adorable and such a good look for you. But what a winner teaming it with the headscarf - it's even more beautiful that way! Kx

Ayat Fatimah said...

Nice floral print on dress. The pink color scarf looks gorgeous on you. Nice pairing of accessories like gloves and white high heels. Keep it up.

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