Thursday, October 23, 2008

Heads Up: Frankie's Out and About

Frankie came out yesterday. WOOOh. Oh so deliciously creative, and guess what? It includes a book of wrapping paper by artists such as Catherine Campbell. (No, I am not paid to say this, I genuinely think Frankie rocks this world).
RRP. $8.50 (this month RRP is $9.50 due to wrapping paper).

Flicking through it in a spare moment I also noticed a feature on women wearing their grandmother's dresses. While I'll always been addicted to old pieces of jewellery from the family line, I've never stolen any of my grandmother's clothes, except for a chinese style dress in beautiful red and gold that I'd had to have altered twice tht came to me after my grandmother died. Now I just need to alter me to fit back into it.

So, I feel inspired. I might call my (living) grandmother and ask her what's lurking in her wardrobe, dare she save any old dresses? I would rather hope so.

I broke my jade heart today. Not the actual piece of stone by the loop that attached it to the chain round my neck. I will now need to repair it. Boo. I really liked the flower pattern at either side.

In the next few days I'll start a series of posts on Etsy shops and some more recipes. Keep your eyes open.

Good day to you all ~

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