Sunday, June 21, 2009

Little day dresses

Hi kiddlets,

Has been a busy time. But I'm happy to share some new dresses with you. I took advantage of some sunshine yesterday morning before the pouring rain to shoot these. The red and brown dresses and the pinafore are from Virginia Who, while the pink dress, entitled the 'Betty Jo' by Bowerbird vintage, is one of my all time faves teamed with the green fur cardigan and pink Zu shoes. Happiness.

I've also got some more pics coming up soon. I had a productive day yesterday, getting a beautiful sylvac rabbit and a cute faux vintage bolero (oh, that's a funny story, let's just say, if the care instructions include a website address to visit, then it's not a genuine piece).



Aya Smith said...

You look beautiful in all of these dresses! I'm jealous how long you look! :D

E. Driscoll said...

Thanks Aya!

Raike said...

Really, wonderful collection of those dresses!! All dresses are looking fabulous on you!!

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