Saturday, July 4, 2009

Purple Vision (and a recipe)

Necklace: Made by me using vintage buttons from vinnies.

Top: Purple batwing top from Portmans

Skirt: Purple brocade skirt from SES

Shoes: I love Billy black ruffle MJs.

Hi Kiddlets,

Wednesday, Wednesday! Wednesday was a good day. I pulled together a great outfit, did my hair all super kawaii mama inspired with a dash of purple flowers on a pin (Have you seen her hair tutorials? Awesome) and got compliments.

While the outfit is in general all new, the necklace was made from vintage buttons. I picked up those buttons for 10c each from Vinnies, and make them into necklaces such as these. I’m off on another button buying trip soon. I plan to make some for friends and my mother, and then I think I’ll start selling them. I’m sorry I couldn’t get a full outfit shot, these will have to suffice.

To add to all the nice outfit eventfulness, we also had bake day at work. Bake day is an important day of the month for us on the craft floor, we get very excited about sugar. We have started having Bake Off’s, and I was a tied winner with my Rocky Road. The other winner had made chocolate mud cupcakes.

Anyway, in honour of the event, I give you, my fabulous, delicious rocky road recipe!

You’ll need:

550g of chocolate. (I use Belgian chocolate because it is much better quality, and tastes better in the long run).

2 x cherry ripe bars

2 x crunchie bars

4 x fry’s Turkish delight bars

250g of pink and white marshmellows

Line a slice tin with foil and set aside

Chop the marshmellows in half. Slice the Turkish delight bars and cherry ripe bars into slices of about 1cm. Cut the crunchie bars into small chunks. Place all of these ingredients in a bowl and mix thoroughly.

Next, take 200g of the chocolate and melt in a microwave proof bowl on a low heat, or over the stove top. I use the microwave just because it’s quicker, easier etc just be careful not to burn the chocolate. Once melted, pour this chocolate into the bottom of the tin and smooth with the back of a spoon until it covers the entire base evenly.

Place the mixed ingredients into the tin evenly onto the chocolate layer immediately. Make sure it is even and fits to the edges.

Melt the remaining chocolate and then spoon it over the mixture evenly, until the mix is completely covered. Place the tin in the fridge overnight to set.

The next day, take it out and let it sit for a little while so the chocolate won’t be so hard to cut. Then, get a solid knife and slice into pieces.


Note: I omit crushed peanuts and glace cherries from this recipe. Some people do not like the cherries, and I wanted to make sure no one would have any peanut allergies. If however you like these ingredients, they can also go in. I suggest a quarter cup of crushed peanuts, and a small packet of glace cherries, halved.

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