Sunday, July 5, 2009

Metallic Dinner

Dress: Bowerbird Vintage 1960s shift

Heels: Senso

Earrings: Myer

Bangles: Tresors

I’m one of those people who are very homebody. I like my home, my books, my bath, my bed. And I’m happy to sip a little bubbly on my lounge watching Grey’s Anatomy and eating Lindt chocolate. I don’t feel the need to go and get drunk and spew on someone’s shoes and pronounce my love for strangers. At best I’ll wear some red lippy, get tipsy on expensive wine, and cry. I’m sorry kidlets, but it’s true.

So instead I invite my friends over for dinners. Dessert dinner is popular. Every September. And I normally do a Christmas dinner and such. But now I’ve added a new dinner to the yearly collection! The Metallic Dinner. All guests come in a metallic outfit.

Naturally, I couldn’t resist some vintage sparkle, and went with this silvery-grey 1960s shift dress with a keyhole cut out in the neck and a big button, and short sleeves. I teamed it with my gold Senso heels and some gold earrings, which I think makes it marvelous. Couldn’t get much more sparkly, could I?

But I should mention my hair, which got the most attention. I put it up unto a flipped under bun, and the front was arranged into a curl on the left side, and the right was twisted back. It's hard to show on my hair, as it's dark, but I hope you can see. I do like making the effort with my hair, it's why I'm growing it!

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