Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Colour addict

I’ve been noticing a bit lately that I’m into certain colours when I shop. My latest vintage purchases on etsy and ebay look like this:

Dress: Ebay Missjj91

Scarf: Etsy I love to op-shop

Clip: Etsy I love to op-shop

I just don’t seem able to help myself. So I bought a bright apricot coloured dress, and have been focusing on navy and black dresses. You know, the proverbial LBD that always makes you feel good, which I think equally applies to navy blue, hence today’s outfit.

Earrings: From grandmother, enamel butterflies 80s

Scarf: from my mum’s collection of the 80s

Dress: SES

Belt: Natasha blue suede belt

Shoes: can’t remember the store name – it’s closed now

This dress has been a cheap and wonderful buy. I think I got it for $14 bucks a few years back and it’s a loyal friend. Being a knit it clings, is warm, and I love it has belt loops. The navy blue colour is flattering on me, and it’s a dress up or down kind of gown. I got inspired to team it with gold, hence the scarf and belt. Good wet, wintery day outfit. Oh golly, I'm sick of this wintery, rainy weather!

1 comment:

Aya Smith said...

Those are some crazy good deals! ANd I think both dark and bright colors are great, haha :D You look lovely!

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