Friday, July 10, 2009

Green dress and promises for the future

Hi! I'm taking the chance to use my Friday night productively. That is, work on my novel, answer emails, contemplate my navel, that sort of thing.

I had a bit of a thrill/shock this evening. The green dress arrived tonight. I smiled. I grinned. I got out my sturdy scissors for opening express post bags. I sliced my way into it and got quite a shock. WHO MAILS A VINTAGE DRESS WRAPPED IN A PLASTIC BAG?! Golly. I mean, I'm not going to be cranky at the seller, she evidently doesn't know better as she's just selling off her grandmother's dresses, and doesn't seem to know about vintage clothes, but it made me feel dreadful. Needless to say, the dread was over when I put it on. I've got to try and find my nice lacy petticoat to prop the skirt, but when I get a chance and I'm no longer cold, I'll get it shot in it's full glory. I felt like I should have been skipping in a field or going to the pictures! Of course, dating it is giving me quite the headache. I'll have to ponder some more. But aside from the mailing dread, it's exactly like I hoped!

My apricot dress also arrived - but it's better than apricot, it's a soft pink apricot silk dress, and it makes me a little swoony.... My only concern is cleaning it. Any suggestions for Heavy vintage Satin? I have been advised by Joanna from Bowerbird Vintage that I should take it to be dry-cleaned, but someone yelled at me, 'I had a vintage satin dress RUINED by a dry-cleaner. Hand wash it yourself!' said with a tone of sheer horror.

Anyway, will update soon with something serious - I'm having a sleep in and then I'm off thrifting tomorrow in the morning, was about time, so if I turn up something delicious I'll be sure to share on Sunday.

Happy Weekends!

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