Sunday, July 12, 2009

Thrifting Joy

The god of the thrifting experience was smiling yesterday. I am surprised I got as much as I did for my money: a grand total of AUS$27.50. I am also surprised I found anything seeing how I slept in and then someone had taken the car so I couldn't leave the house until 10.30.
Still, I got there after a hiccup with my USB at the printers, and decided to just put on the looking-mood-hat and browse. I firstly noticed the handbags by the door.

The first was the David Lawrence riding bag. It's genuine leather but looking a little worse for wear. Nothing a good polish with some leather moisteriser won't fix. And then it's going to be re-born into my wardrobe.
I then found the cute little black satchel bag. I admit it is missing it's chain, but it's still got a carry handle, and the inside is nifty, with two large compartments, as well as a section that folds out at the front for cards, coin and notes. Talk about all in one!
I then stumbled upon the red bag with the gold imprint. I LOVE it and know we'll be faithful friends. It's very spacious inside and I love the gold buckle. My mum says it looks like a writing set, meaning she doesn't like it, but I'm not fazed in the slightest.

And the best bit? All three of these bags cost me $2 each. Bargain :)

I then decided to wander to where the buttons are. I picked up ten great buttons to make my button necklaces with, at a grand total of a $1.I then noticed the cabinet with the more "expensive stuff". In it was about three glo-mesh bags. A salmon coloured one in poor shape, a huge tote size one still with it's original box for $20 but in white like ALL my others. And then this cute little Oroton coin purse to match my gold Oroton handbag. It fits perfectly inside and was only $8. I love it!I took a walk around the clothing racks. I was a little disappointed there were no dresses (due to the season) but I did pick up this Country Road top. It's so soft and only cost me $5. I will wear it with jeans I believe :).

I browsed through the rack of skirts but was uninspired by the old-lady styles so I went through all the jumpers and slips, but came up empty. I was about to abandon my cause when I took one more look through the skirts. Bingo! I'm glad I did. I found this hand made 80s leather skirt. It's a great pencil skirt style and looks awesome with funky heels and a flowey top. It cost me only $6.

I then proceeded to the counter to find a whole dish of clip on earrings for 50c each. I got the three pairs pictured with my cute glo-mesh purse. So that makes a grand total of: $27.50! The lady commented I must be a handbag addict. It's true, it's true. Say no more. But I felt great walking out with so much from such a small shop and all of it will be used! Yay.

Happy Sunday and wishing you a good week!
Ella x

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