Sunday, July 19, 2009

Vintage Trunk, Yummy Foods and Coffee Artworks

Hi Kiddlets,

Has been a beautiful, sunny, delicious winter weekend for Sydney. The sunshine has been sunburn worthy, and I should've been wearing a dress and sandals today!

Yesterday I took a nice trip to the Ivory Bangs Vintage sale. The owner, Hugh, seemed pretty cool, and we had this funky older lady helping us out. Cameron brought a coat tails (how dashing!) and I came away with some two beautiful 50s day dress ($35 each) and a cool mauve and white crop jacket for $40. There were plenty of other things I liked, but I'm on a budget. You see, Mum has won a great trip to Hong Kong and she's taking me! So now I'm trying to save for all the amazing shopping I'll be spending four days doing!

Anyway, I got this beautiful yellow shirt dress, which, I love the buttons the best. They remind me of pearly bubbles. I also got the cute floral dress which I love on. I think this is a more autumn/spring look to be honest. Can't wait to wear it with stockings and a cute pair of t-bars. If you would like to go to the next vintage trunk sale, (and you're based in Sydney) then keep an eye out at I think it will be around the 20th of August.

To top off this spending adventure, Cameron and I enjoyed some yummy cupcakes at the Cupcake Bakery on Oxford Street. Yay!

We then decided to take advantage of the beautiful afternoon sunshine, so we went to Clifton Gardens for an impromptu picnic of lentil patties and egg salad on floury breadrolls and then took some photos, just for good measure. It's a really beautiful spot, and the funniest thing was that while I was looking away, a dog came up and started sniffing at my half eaten sandwich. I jumped out of my skin when I looked back at my plate and there was the dog!
Then today we got another sunshine filled day, so we headed off to the Aroma Festival. Who doesn't love a flood of people amongst coffee, chocolate, tea, spices and fresh food stalls? We had some great cups of coffee (well, I had hot chocolate) and we even saw a mona lisa made from coffee cups.

We also had amazing food from this one stall that I can't remember the name of. But let's just say freshly cooked lamp on pita bread with spinach, yoghurt and hummus with a dash of lemon was just what I wanted for lunch. Cam had a great sweet chilli marinated chicken with chips.

I also dragged the poor boy into Rokit. It's a very cool vintage store at the Rocks and I saw so many day dresses I wanted to buy, including a beautiful royal blue dress with flower lace on the edging of the pockets and collar. If only I were rich... The shop girl is always dressed in impeccable 50s wear, right down to her perfectly curled fringe and makeup. Two older ladies were gushing over how wonderful she looked. It made me wish I'd put some effort into my own outfit. But jeans and black cardigans and simple 60s beaded necklaces were all I felt like. I've been a bit ill you see.

After we took the ferry back to Manly we took a long walk up to Fairlight and I saw a gorgeous cat and a cool house :) I think I want to live in that Art Deco beauty!
Anyway, I think that's all I've got to report. Next weekend I believe I'll have some wonderful new photos of my new dresses and some more photos of this weekend from Cam's camera. Ta ta! (I leave you with the sweet pussy cat)


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