Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Noir Evening

Black Dress: Tigerlilywhite Ebay
Coat: Vintage Events coat from Hibiscus Et Sparrow Ebay (not pictured)

Heels: Black Wittner patent leather ‘Luscious’

Handbag: Vintage Diamante Oroton (not pictured)

Earrings: Grandmother

Brooch: Grandmother

Makeup: Clarins and Napoleon.
Scent: Poison by Dior ;)

My friend K had her 21st birthday party last night. She requested a ‘Noir’ style evening. That is, black and white formal wear, with a bit of old world glamour.

Can’t argue there.

I wasn't planning on wearing the dress I did. I actually had a very modern style of dress which my best friend ended up wearing (more about that later). But I changed my mind when this dress arrived on Friday night in the mail. I tried it on for my mother's benefit, and my boyfriend was so impressed he looked a little shocked. So I knew I had a wear it. It's such a beautiful dress, I cross my heart and kiss my elbow it's the best black dress I own to date. It's a very flattering cut for me, despite not being a big billowy flowing skirt. I love the beautiful flowers on the neckline and along the edges of the pockets.

Anyway, my best friend ended up wearing the dress I was going to originally. That dress was a bargain from Ebay, as yes, I do love modern designs as well as vintage. I really love this dress, utterly cool, and so ridiculously comfortable. It’s all stretchy! And has nice deep slouchy pockets, and a cool sash, rather than a restricting belt.

I added a vintage structural blazer, prob late 70s or early 80s. It is pretty cool, but I really have no clue when it actually is from aside from the Sellers info. It’s got a great collar though, made from crinkled chiffon, and the bodice is a nice black fabric with little raised stitched circles across it. I had to move the buttons to make it fit better through the body, as it was a little loose and gaped at the front. Which is surprising, as the measurements matched my perfectly in the description. But no complaints, I really like it.

I also styled my best friend’s hair for the night. Do you think she looks a real, true, art deco gem? She has the cutest face, I kid you not! She was very patient as I did her hair.

My hair was a masterpiece almost. Everyone was impressed I'd done it myself, and I was impressed I managed it after walking around all of Saturday afternoon with heated curlers in (yes, I was lazy and couldn't be bothered to do pin-curls the night before).

All the girls had put in a great amount of effort to get dolled up. And there was plenty of dancing.

It was a great night, thank you to K for such a wonderful event!

(The Birthday Girl)


Thom Lennon said...
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Aya Smith said...

Oh my goodness, what an inspiration you are! Completely gorgeous, everything about you :)

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