Monday, July 27, 2009

Vintage Trunk Sale update and the (not so) evident powers of baking soda

Just to let any of those who are from Sydney know, the 4th Vintage trunk sale will be on the 22nd of August. I take this news from the horse’s mouth.

Subject: Thanks! From Ivory Bangs!

Thanks everyone who attended the 3rd Vintage Trunk Sale - it was a very busy day and in case you were wondering was guest styled by a very kind lady visiting Sydney from Griffith who runs her own Vintage Clothing store.

Next sale's on the 22nd of August which is promising to be a real cracker with guest jewelers, vintage hand bags & antique collectibles!

Hope to see you guys in August!

Kind regards

Hugh Snelgrove

Founder Ivory Bangs.

Aside from the jolly news, I spent yesterday elbow deep in the laundry tub catching up on some hand washing. While ebay may let me acquire the most interesting dresses at a bargain price, I’m sure we all know it comes with no guarantee they’ll be clean and wearable straight off the bat. Most of my dresses arrive with small stains, little tears, zips that need to be re-done, hem lines that need a stitch here or there, etc. And it’s no big problem when the dress costs $10. But all the same, a hassle when you’ve got limited time like me. I rarely get a day to myself, so when I do, handwashing isn’t really my idea of fun. But don’t worry, I did stop during the process of soaking and mixing, and washing, and hanging, to watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I also had to struggle with my dog. I laid out towels on the floor to put my wet items on, but she kept sitting on them. So instead I had to lay them out on my snooker table with the plastic covering and double the towels, and even then I felt worried about the table. Naughty Bobbles.
I washed my black wiggle dress out (EW it really had been in storage before me…orange yucky musty water. I really shouldn’t have worn it to the party before washing it. Oh well). I also attempted to clean the peach satin dress I mentioned a little while back. Yay for me, it’s come up looking much better from a little soak in cool water with eucalyptus wool wash. While some marks are here to stay (they’re very faint), the big nasty black ones are gone, and it just in general looks brighter and more loved. Big collective ‘phew’ please, the dye definitely didn’t run.
Sadly, a floral dress which I love to death, the design is just perfect for me, didn’t come up better for the wash, in fact I spent a few minutes worried the dye in the dress had run. I don’t think it’s my imagination when I see that some of the gold in the dress has gone green. But it could be. Even so, I love the dress so much and can’t wait to start wearing it (yes, it is wearable….). It has the most beautiful autumn print and lovely pleats in the skirt, and it just makes me swoon a little. Ah, love.

Anyway, I’m really excited now, as I know a package is coming in the mail for me, for something I’ve wanted for a long time. It’s a gorgeous black 1930s/40s tilt hat, with a feather and netting. When I saw it, I knew I had to have it, and thankfully, there was no bidding war to get it.

And so I leave you with some more pics from saturday night that better show my hair!

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