Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The July 09 that was...

Well, July is well and truly done and dusted and finished and brushed off and we’re moving on. At work we’re preparing the Christmas issue (yes, the December 25th event), and well, Wintery July is something we all want to move on from. I’ve got to admit it’s strange reading all my favorite vintage blogs and they’re going on and on about summer and sunshine and vintage swimsuits and I’m, well, I’m rugged up in thick tights and woolen skirts and knit tops and scarves and gloves and grumbling from within my woolen coat. I’m even antsy I’m buying another summer dress on ebay. So, to cheer myself up, I thought I’d remind myself about the month of July, and why it was good, and what I loved. There, winter is not all bad, is it?

Certainly a highlight of the month, the Noir Night. It was so much fun getting out the diamantes, the oroton bag, the heels and the whole make-up kit, and then getting to dance, eat Turkish Delight ice-cream cake, and see my best friend.

I was recently given all of the novels by Patricia Cornwell. She is a masterful genius of suspense, no kidding. I love reading her books. I’d read some out of order in highschool, but coming back and reading them now I’d totally forgotten the plot lines and the bad guys, and reading in order certainly makes a difference! I settle in on the train and just read. They’re also good for dull and windy wintery days in the warm wearing bed socks.

This ring is calling me. I love old rings. Old engagement rings have more flair, character and detail to them. My Grandmother gave me hers for my 16th birthday, and it’s just beautiful. I’ve never seen a daintier and more decorative metal worked ring. But I think this one comes close. I haven’t sent the picture to my boyfriend *cough*

Samantha Battersby aka Matou En Peluche is a wonderful artist based in Sydney. This picture is of ‘Millie’ and she is stunning! I’ve got a copy of Millie at home and I love her. So much so, I’ve ordered some more for my walls. They arrived the other day and are absolutely, positively perfect. You can check out her artworks on Etsy (search: matouenpeluche).

Chanel. No 5 is the eternal scent. But happily enough I got the Chanel No. 5 soap from the Coco Avant Chanel premiere. Washing in this makes me all happy and tingly!

My dog makes me all goopy and mushy and I want to cuddle her all the time. She needs a bath at the moment though. She smells *crinkles up nose*. She’s not been feeling very well lately, so I must admit I’ve been spoiling her with double the cuddles and carrying her around.

The vintage trunk sale was rather fun, but perhaps the best bit of the day was our little picnic at Clifton Gardens. Egg salad on floury rolls with lentil patties – what more could a girl ask for? It was almost as good as the Good Friday picnic we had there when we ate our picnic sandwiches and I sipped on pink sparkling wine as children played around us.

The best bit? There was the wonderful anniversary dinner my boyfriend gave me at the beginning of the month We ate at the Shangri-la, overlooking the harbour, as fireworks went off, and I sipped at champagne. Oh yes, the most wonderful part of the month!

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