Friday, September 25, 2009

Red, red everywhere, but not a vintage dress in sight!

I know it’s been a little longer than intended for posting, but you see, it’s been a little hectic and chaotic on my end, and there’s been a minor trouble with a tummy bug, and then seeing my grandmother, and dust storms, and torrential rain, and so on and so forth. The dust storm in Sydney was bizarre! This was what I woke up to, and we're still cleaning up the micro-fine dust....

But here I am.

And here are new shoes I have so long talked about! In terrible flash colour. Excuse me!

Aside from shoes, I’ve been entertaining myself by watching Bewitched season 1. I love Samantha Stephens, aka Elizabeth Montgomery. She is such a beautiful and classy lady, and her clothing is vintage heaven. In the episode called "Which Witch is Which?", Samantha goes shopping in a beautiful black wiggle dress, pom-pom finished scarf and white gloves with a lovely little handbag. I had outfit jealousy! I couldn’t find a picture of it, but let’s just say I really wanted to just whip an outfit like it up.

And here is what is making me quite happy this past week. You see, my mother and I will be off to HK at some point in the near future, and so I decided to give her a lovely little present. Here is the lovely artwork entitled ‘Friends’ by Matou En Peluche available from her etsy shop. I think it looks marvellous with the blue matt boarding and black frame.

I’m due to pick up my own prints tomorrow as well as some other good things happening in the next few days. For starters, tomorrow night is the lovely evening of my annual dessert dinner. I remember the first, two years ago, quite clearly, as it was certainly the biggest event, but my guest list has gotten smaller the past two years because the first one was mammoth – including an overseas visitor. This year it is a group of 7, making it cosy and good for catching up.

This year I am having it outside as well, with a large outdoor heater if it gets cold. I will be decorating the area with some garlands I think, and making chocolate skewers with strawberries and bananas and cooking chocolate and marshmallows.

I’ll also be making rocky road slice, my famous recipe, and I’ve got to remember to get out the dessert bowls and spoons, and get some serious tidying happening in my own room. I won’t share a before shot, it’s too terrifying to see the reams of paper, and misplaced books, and strewn clothes and shoes (there is a lot of strewn clothes and shoes, believe me). But at least my jewellery is now tidy as of an hour ago.

And between all of this – a hair cut!

Photos to come kiddlets!

P.S. Does anyone love 'Anna Sui' by Anna Sui? This is my all time favorite perfume and I can only find it online on Fragrance Heaven... Where has all the Anna Sui gone?!

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