Friday, September 18, 2009

The goodies to come

Dress: Bowerbird Vintage, Shoes: Peeptoe Shoes, 40s felt cap: ArtDecoWoman Ebay, Earrings: thrifted

I'll be back on Monday. I am just looking at all the photos I have taken - of which there is many - and my headache and sore feet just won't allow for anything other than a hot bath and a nice cup of tea on this beautiful Friday evening.

Enjoy in the meanwhile my newest favorite outfit ;) (Until next week of course, when something else becomes my favorite...)


Anonymous said...

so vintage!

Sam said...

Very pretty and stylish! The colour suits you too - are those blue earrings - vry nice touch that! P.S. Thank you for that info you gave me about the Valentino film - I'll definitely keep my eyes out for it!

E. Driscoll said...

LN: Yes - very vintage! the dress is from the 70s.

Sam: Thank you! The earrings are blue plastic clip-ons. I don't normally wear clip-ons but these are actually comfortable.
No problem, I hope you enjoy it when you see it :)

bowerbird said...

I knew that dress would look perfect on you!

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