Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A little of Leichardt - a lot of shoes!

Firstly, I apologize for my slovenly posting times – I don’t get much time to update as I’m either at work, or crashing on the lounge of an evening reading Vogue Living and sipping tea. See?

Now, I would like some readerly input. Which pair? I am leaning towards the second!
Now, onto the days that have past.

Friday I wore: A lovely hat. It’s from ArtDecoWoman on Ebay. The weather had been foggy and raining and horrid, and I hate my hair reacting to the humidity, so I buried it under this hat. (Monday I just hair-sprayed like a maniac). What do you think? I definitely got looks wearing it – whether it was ‘Look at that weirdo wearing a hat’ or ‘I like her hat’ I couldn’t tell. I’m not sure I have the confidence to take all the stares, but go the bows!
Saturday I was: A shattered mess, the result of exhaustion. I did however get to Vinnies to make my donation without killing anyone or crying (I seriously wouldn’t kill anyone ever, don’t worry. I don’t kill flies and I run away from spiders). I won’t show you everything purchased while there, but I will share these. An apron with beautiful peacocks for $2.50, and a glo-mesh bag for $2.

I was too tired for a certain person’s Japtastic birthday party, which I do feel terrible about, hence this still hanging from my bookcase. I will wear it soon anyway.
Sunday I went: To Leichardt with my dear friend Jan, to see Valentino: The Last Emperor – Thanks to Wittner! The film was a scream, a very insightful documentary about creative arty types. There were also cute pugs, if that’s any incentive to see the film, aside from the AMAZING gowns.

This is what I planned to wear before I tore my dress:
Dress: Vintage Trunk Sale
Boots: Senso Diffusion
Belt: Barkins

Yes, I tore my dress straight after taking that horrifically blurry photo. I went to go back to the camera, caught the hem, and well, rip! This is what I changed into:
Dress: Barkins
Boots: Senso Diffusion
Bag: Vintage
Bangle: Thrifted

I really need to stand up properly in photographs. Ick my posture, all, I’ll lean back against the wall. Maybe I just need to leave the confines and safety of the back of the bedroom door and venture outside again. Oh weather – warm up!

Tuesday I cooked: Pasta with my boyfriend for dinner. I wore my peacock apron and looked very sweet. Here’s what I wore – minus the apron.
Dress: Chicabooti
Top: gift
Belt: Portmans
Stockings: Myer
Shoes: Natasha
Bangle: Tresors
Earrings: Fifties fair

I got told I looked ‘ladylike’ as I got off the bus. I guess a bun, dainty earrings and a tartan dress will do that for you!

And so – the week that has been! (Yes, the blue shoes are still coming ;) )

P.S. Need a great giggle? “This is a land of convenience and murder.” At work, we totally lost it when we saw ‘Ikea Heights’, a melodrama filmed in an Ikea store in California – without the store knowing. Each of the display set ups is used as backdrops for this murder melodrama – and they even tuck into the meatballs in the restaurant, wonder why the kitchen taps don’t work, and jump into the display beds. Cue the confused and bewildered customers walking into the scenes! Make sure you watch from episode one at the bottom of the page.


Sam said...

I love the sound of that film - was it a doco? I've not heard of it! I love a good doco or even a dramatised doco and anything Valentino has my vote! I think you look very lady like too in that little tartan number - such a shame about the pretty pink floral number - can it not be repaired at all?...and the glo-mesh bag - what a find! You've been very busy!! Ah! The shoes - both are gorgeous - maybe the second pair you would get more wear out of them because they're less fussy without the extra strap? Although both pairs are pretty lovely!

VestedBeeVintage said...

super lovely outfits, you wear them well!

Anonymous said...

i love the teacup in the first picture :D xx

E. Driscoll said...

To VestedBeeVintage: Thanks! :)

LN: Salvos, cost me a dollar, also comes with a matching plate for your cakes and a spare saucer!

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