Friday, October 2, 2009

Dessert dinner and other frocky goodness

Well, dessert dinner came and went, and what a yummy dinner it was. We had chocolate tart, white chocolate and raspberry muffins, Angelic cake, pavlova, strawberry cheesecake, chocolate dipped strawberries and rocky road, as well as orange chocolate sticks, and hot chocolate!

White table cloth, wooden place mats and runner, scotch glass with orange flavoured chocolate sticks, floral patterned tea lights.

The guests were happy with all the sugar, even if one or two became comatose.

Also, I gave Astin Kirby her birthday present: two prints by Matou en Peluche. I think I should become Samantha’s sponsor at this rate :) In return, Astin Kirby gave me a lovely book old of Christmas poetry (My favorite time of year - I'm already excited!)

Other goodness has abounded this week. Here are two new prints I picked up from the framers – yes, still sponsoring Samantha. Elizabeth in Pink and Nancy – I think they’re lovely! Visit her blog here.

Aside from that, I got inspired by Lady Melbourne to join Frocktober! I am organising a Frock Friday at work, and I’m very excited about this event for two reasons – I think fundraising for ovarian cancer research important, and secondly, frocking up!

I am now planning my outfit, and of course, accepting donations from people. Check out Frocktober’s website and make a donation to this cause. I’m not sure if you have to be an Australian resident, but any donation over $2 is tax deductible girls, and you can even donate via paypal. There's a little icon on the right hand side of the page saying 'Donate Online' and it will take you through to paypal.

I had a successful night of shopping last night with my mother. Mum bought some lovely black suede heels, as well as a pair of flats. I also got a pair of flats from Wittner, a lovely Cue top, and I put a pair of $5oo Italian shoes on layby. Don't cringe at the price, they're.... divine!

Anyway, my fellow teapartiers, I will be back on Monday with a new place to shop online, some possible vintage purchases, and some pictures... I leave you with something that might make you giggle. I suggest you click on it to read it!


Sam said...

So lovely of you to do that Ellen!! Thank you! It looks like you had fun at the party - chocolate makes me a bit hyper - your pals became comatose...hmmmm interesting!! Have a lovely, lovely weekend!! P.S. I've popped a link through to your blog on my latest post.

Gabbi said...

Looks like a very fun party and I love love your Matou en Peluche prints! Such a fan of Sam's also... ♥ Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

hhahahahah we all look sooooo upset in the photos :P

E. Driscoll said...

To Sam: Well, the comatose bit comes after the sugar high wears off, which it does pretty quickly!

Gabbi: Hi! I hope you had a lovely weekend too :)

LN: Yeah, well, we knew deep down inside we weren't lol.

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