Monday, October 5, 2009

Tea and {twin set}

Lots of things to cover this post, my, my! So we’ll start with a relaxing cuppa. This tea did also have a chocolate biscuit companion, long gone ;)

Popping in for the weekend with a nice little update. How is the long weekend progressing for any Australian readers? I’m relaxing joyously! It’s been a busy weekend, what between driving to the airport, having good cuddles with two wee scottie dogs, and watching more Dark Angel than one really should. Now, onto the post!

Angela D’Alton of sent me a press release last week about her new online venture – {twin set} and I wrote to her to let her know I wanted to feature it on WTP. To give you some background, {twin set} is an ecologically friendly vintage online boutique set up by Angela and Renee Baker. Their collection of off-beat vintage is beautifully shot by local photographers.

The pair believes that rather than letting mass produced items go to landfill, they’d much prefer to re-style a retro piece, or snag themselves a lovely vintage piece. Here’s a selection of their first collection. I’m looking forward to seeing what else they will produce!

Photos courtesy of {twinset}

Aside from the new shopping place, I want to share my lovely evening on Friday with you. It was my boyfriend and I’s anniversary, and he’s getting pretty good at planning lovely monthly dates. This time we went to Wild Fire at the Overseas Passenger Terminal at Circular Quay. The food was delicious – and I branched out with a cocktail concoction called, ‘Straight Ahead’. My boyfriend had Wagyu beef with button mushrooms and I had a pork cutlet with beetroot and brussel sprout. Yum!

1980s black cocktail dress – Bowerbird Vintage, Vintage Bangle – Tresors, Shoes – ‘Miss Santa Cruz’ by Peep Toe Shoes, Gold Vintage Glo-mesh bag - Bowerbird Vintage (Oroton), Perfume - Anna Sui Signature :)

The cocktail dress is the one I mentioned two posts ago. Here’s how it looked with the seed beads on the front. While Joanna and my mother were a little sad to see the extra shiny stuff go, I like the simplicity of the plain black beads around the neckline on their own.

We caught the ferry into the city, and unfortunately with all the storm weather the rocking and swaying was quite ‘eeek!’ for those of us with temperamental stomachs. Still, I was fine on the way over, and even took a few shots of the city.

On the way back however there was purple sheet lightening, lots of boat swaying, and when we got off, the heavens opened on us! We were soaked by the time we reached the taxi rank, and I think my glomesh bag has some slight.... rust. It didn’t help some girls jumped the queue and stole our taxi! Luckily my shoes came out completely unscathed – and I ran around like a maniac in them, yes, RAN. Peep Toe Shoes really are a wonderful brand.

Now, as the final point of this post, I thought I’d share a little piccie with those of you who know I also do photography when I get a chance. In case you’re utterly confused, my dear friend LN has a lovely mother who wrote a book about their beautiful dog Max. I took some pictures for the book – I love my photo went on the back cover! But sorry guys – the book I believe is only available in HK and in Chinese. So, it’s not really all that accessible to the majority of us! Just have to brush up on my Chinese I guess :P

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your Monday, and have a little cheer for daylight savings :)


Sam said...

You went to Wild Fire!!! I've always always wanted to go to the restaurants along there! It sounds like you had a good time too. The black cocktail dress is a real find - you look gorgeous in it! That storm was really something - we had another one this evening - as you did too probably - and yes three cheers for daylight saving - let there be light!

Anonymous said...

zomg i gots a mention!!!

E. Driscoll said...

Sam: Yes - it was a lovely surprise to go there. I'm loving the sunshine of an evening, actually getting home and it still being light. It leaves me no excuse not to go for a nightly power walk though...

LN: Hehe, course you did.

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