Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Helloo, Helloooo!

Well, no pics this post, as I'm about to run out the door on this insanely beautiful day. I got up at 8am to go for a walk and already the humidity had built, the sun was biting at my skin, the cicadas were buzzing, birds were talking, and people were mowing their lawns. Thank goodness for summer weather. Nothing like a 30 degree day (that's what, 85 degrees F?)

I have to admit, we Aussies really don't "do" Halloween. We treat it as a very commercialized American Holiday and trick-or-treaters aren't a very common occurrence. Still, tonight, around dusk, the local children's play group has told us they'll be trick or treating, so we'll leave the porch light on and have a basket of candy. One house had gotten into the spirit though. They had fake cobwebs everywhere, skeletons and paper pumpkins. It made me smile.

See you at the end of the weekend :)

(PSST. 8 weeks til Christmas.... )

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