Saturday, October 24, 2009

It's not easy being blue

So, we had frocktober at work. I give myself a little pat on the back as we made $180 in donations. Yay!

Dress: Nu + Nan, Shoes: Peeptoe Shoes, Flower brooch (in hair): Bowerbird Vintage, Earrings: From mum, Flowers in hand: From Odette, my work colleague!

The Frocktober morning tea went well too. As I said though, it's not easy being blue. I was told multiple times I looked just like I'd stepped out of a fifties movie, but with all the other things happening at work, I was a little tense and stressed and well, I think I managed to ruin my Napoleon mascara effort. Not that it matters - Napoleon makeup is terrible. I never recommend it. Ever.

My hair got a lot of compliments, and I hope these pics show somewhat what it was like. These were taken at the end of the day, so my hair had gotten a tad messy.

Anyway, pics to come soon from the fair - I have been so busy!


Sam said...

You look lovely Ellen! The shoes and hair are perfect with your dress - I love the blue flower you've popped in your hair too - it's just right! It's interesting to hear you say that about Napoleon Makeup - I thought he was the go to guy - hmmm...interesting - thanks for the warning.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend! XX

Anonymous said...

you totally bought that dress with me!

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