Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Tuesday!

The weather is warm again, the children are practicing piano next door, and I'm reading up on creating an organised home. The irony isn't lost on me.

Does anyone else agree that the Harper’s Bazaar for December is stunning? I’m not a huge fan of Miranda Kerr, but that Collette Dinnigan dress!

Saturday night I headed out to Ribs and Rumps with my boyfriend. It’s a great place to eat if you don’t mind spending a little more than usual and having succulent saucy steak! (Or ribs, yeah, wearing a bib). I decided not to go too girly for this one (after all, it is a steak house). Of course, I couldn’t resist a touch of class…

Top: Miss Shop

Skirt: Tokito

Belt: Natasha

Shoes: Senso Diffusion

Cardigan: SES

Earrings: Myer

70s mesh bag: Tresors

I really love going to Manly for a meal. The beach is always spectacular, no matter what the weather is doing. After all, the weather has been so unpredictable lately!

Anyway, in terms of sales last week, I ended up only getting to Senso. I was a little disappointed to see so few shoes in my size. Senso sample size is actually 37, meaning that they have walls and walls of gorgeous shoes in that size (so jealous) while the 38s were a meager offering.

But, I still succeeded in finding cute shoes.

I’m not hugely into the whole roman sandal look, but I couldn’t pass on these (all leather) for $60. I don’t really mind them all that much. Oh, and please take the time to admire my pedicure too :P

The second pair I got however has my little heart all beat-y! I love the black rose embellishments all over them! They’re going to be my ‘I’m going out but it’s that in between out where you don’t wear heels but you’ve still got to look uber’. They cost me $80.

And for dear LN who asked what a $500 pair of shoes looks like.... these are for you :) 'Berenice' by Innovare - available through Myer. They're all made to the same quality as other designer shoes in Italy, they're just cheaper.

Oh, and I know I’m the little voice of panic, and that it’s probably juvenile of me to be counting down, but…. Less than 7 weeks till Christmas!

Have a happy week kiddlets! I’ll be back soon, but I leave you now with a picture of some of my wardrobe. Do not judge me for colour coordinating my clothes…. x


yoli said...

I love the black rose shoes

Sam said...

You know - I have been looking at that photo advertising the latest Harpers and thinking hmmm...MIranda looks very lovely there! Now I think I"m going to treat myself and get it!!

I'm going to Manly this evening with my Dad as a treat - can't wait - Manly still has a lovely holiday vibe and it's so gorgeous in the evening in Summer!!

...and your gladiator sandals are gorgeous - I think you'll get a lot of wear out of them this summer - they're real party shoes, aren't they? The pumps and high heels are great finds too...and lastly - what a pretty wardrobe you have!!!

Sorry for the gi-normous comment - but I love your chatty posts - so much fun!! Have a great week and weekend!!

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