Sunday, November 15, 2009

The purchases you’ve waited for…

I walked into Tresors on Thursday night – it’s the cute little antique corner store when you come in off the Pitt Street Mall into The Strand. The store manager, Jennifer, knows me now. As in, sees me and laughs as she says, ‘Back again eh?’ As I came in, one of the store assistants noticed my cute shopping bag and admired it. Jennifer looks at her and says pointedly, ‘This girl gets great finds’. (If you ever pop in there, do say you heard about them from me!)

I’ve had a tonne of new vintage come home with me lately. Figured I’d document some of my newest, loveliest pieces for all to see.

Firstly, some new hats. This beautiful black 1930s stunner is fantastic! I love the bow and diamante detailing at the side. I think it will look fantastic with my 1940s evening dress here. The owner before me bought it in New York and it’s made from lovely black velour. The seller assured she’d never seen another like it. She described it as having a sort of daring look! Couldn’t agree more!
Up Close:
I’ve also bought another beautiful hat from the same seller on ebay to match the fabulous dress I bought at the vintage fair. It doesn’t get more fifties than this! I love that the hat and dress coordinate so well. Now all I need is a fur muff… and potentially some kind of ball to attend?

I’ve also gotten this uber sexy 70s maxi dress from Bowerbird Vintage (new stuff up again, check it out!). I love shades of blue and green lately, and boy this dress is fantastic!

And there’s also this uber 80s number, also from BBV. I think it would work well on a sci-fi show, as well as in my wardrobe. I feel like I should have trekkie ears – in a sexy way.

And of course…. New handbags…. These were from the vintage fair as well.

So anyway, there you go kiddlets. I’ll be back sometime this week with more goodies for you :)

Love WTP

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Sam said...

That blue satin fifties dress is stunning! It suits you and fits you perfectly - wow! The black hat is a wonderful find - I'd buy it on the fact it was described as "daring"!! Have a lovely week and good luck with this heat!! (phew - I'm actually pleased I'm at work in the air-con!)

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