Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Perfect Vintage Christmas - Super Kawaii Mama competition!

It’s hard to describe the perfect vintage Christmas, without describing my perfect Christmas! You see, there’s nothing I enjoy more at Christmas time then baking up some treats.

There is of course a tree to decorate with loving attention. Every decoration tells the story of years past – why some of our decorations came from my mother’s tree when she was a child!

Then I like to make my way to the post box, to mail a letter to Santa (there’s nothing wrong with asking for a pony at my age, is there?).

There’s fabulous parties to attend, calling for a dash of red lippy, and Christmas movies to watch.

In the days that lead to Christmas, there are trips to the city, to get that last minute shopping done, and admire the Christmas Displays.

Come Christmas Eve, there are always my three favourite men: Frank, Nat and Bing crooning away at us, while eating scrumptious fruit cake. We then fall asleep wearily, dreaming not of sugar plums or presents, but of seeing our family and friends.

Christmas morning brings me in my nightdress to unwrap presents, and that eternal Australian Christmas tradition – swatting flies off your roast lunch!

Merry Christmas!


I’d like to add at this point a little thank you to SKM for running this competition – it reminded me to get cracking on all the simple Christmas things I wanted to do. We all get a little tied up in the commercial aspects of Christmas, so making the time to bake Melting Moments (as opposed to buying a box), stopping to enjoy the Christmas decorations with wonder (as opposed to hurrying past them frantically while trying to locate an X-Box game, five different CDs, a T-shirt with Transformers on it, and 15 C sized batteries for a remote controlled dinosaur), dress up to decorate the tree (as opposed to doing it in my pjs) and walking to the post office box with cards and letters (as opposed to not sending anything at all) made things very relaxed and sweet this time round. I will definitely continue at this lovely pace! Home made fudge wrapped with tartan ribbon anyone?

Check out Super Kawaii Mama’s blog while you’re at it – she’s ever so stylish :)

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Anonymous said...

all those vintage-style photos of you are AMAZING, especially that one of you bending down, the first one i think. seriously, if i didn't recognise your nose/your kitchen, i would've thought it was from the 50s. i am very impressed!

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