Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Welcome to December, my lovely little ones!

And so it has begun. The time of year when I go mad and get festive and cheer. We’re decorating the tree today, and hanging the greenery on the banisters. I’m sorting the card hanger too. We’re not doing the full house of Christmas decorations this year (it’s always so much to pack up), but we are still adding the usual festive touches.

I love December. I can barely think for all my excitement about the month of December. I love Christmas lights at night, I love the city looking festive and sweltering under the heat of summer days with cicadas as I walk my block with my dog. I love big Christmas trees, and making a gingerbread house. I love Christmas turkey and the cruisey feel of Christmas Eve playing board games with my relatives, and holiday decorating. I love going for a power walk every evening at about 8pm and waving to people watering their lawns. I love David Jones city store displays, and carollers, and Christmas crafts. I love the annual high tea with my mum, and waking up early on Christmas Day and sitting talking with my brother. I love receiving that first Christmas card, and the sound of Christmas paper being cut to wrap presents. I love ribbons and bows on presents, and eating all our meals outside in the humid air. I love wearing Christmas jewellery, and decorating the Christmas tree, and wearing sundresses.

This weekend past was quite, quite fun. I had the pleasure of catching up with an old friend Deb. She’s from Newcastle, so we rarely see each other, in fact, it’s probably been a year. So naturally we explored the streets of Sydney – no pics of us, but plenty of the city!

The Amazing QVB Tree

The Prime Minister's home
The Bridge and Opera House
Circular Quay

We stopped in the Lindt café and saw Kate Ritchie browsing the selection and getting hot chocolates. We also saw this bizarre art installation in a tiny laneway and everyone was stopping to stare. What do you think? Bizarre, thoughtful or cool? (don’t worry, there wasn’t any birds inside).

I tell you what kids; December is going to be outfit mania. Stay tuned for all the socials and pictures. I’ve also got a special post coming up tomorrow that I’m investing a fair bit of time into ;)

Love WTP x

P.S. It’s so not inappropriate on a Friday afternoon to sing little drummer boy with your collegues. No matter what other editors say….

P.P.S. ....Wanna see my new Chanel bag?


Anonymous said...

chanel bag? ...flip me.

how cool are the laneway installations!

E. Driscoll said...

Just be patient little LN - I haven't photographed it yet. I will be bringing it to our X-mas dinner though :)

very cool ;)

Sam said...

Gosh! Talk about gorgeous epic posts!!! I think I'll have to return and read it again! :)

I adore those photos of you - they are so wonderfully 50s!! By the way, I saw a photo of you in the Home subscriber email yesterday - looking very glam for the Melbourne cup!

Have a lovely weekend Ellen!!

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