Monday, January 25, 2010

Just a little story

Hi readers and friends and the like,

You'll have to excuse me, but I'm distinctly lacking in outfit posting. Aside from feeling like an overused dishcloth, I also look like one.

So I figured I'll tell you about something kind of bizarre. When does World War II fashions and sci-fi meet? Star Trek Voyager of course! In season four - episode 'The Killing Game' the crew of Voyager are stuck on the holodeck (basically a simulator of situations) being forced to be characters in France on the eve of the American take over. I couldn't find many pictures (in fact this is about the only one) but the costuming was fantastic!

I am dying to get the beret wearing, floral dress look that Seven of Nine wears when she is shot. Ah, no bad feeling intended.

For anyone interested - here is the link to the opening scenes of the World War II storyline.

See you soon, and Happy Australia Day to those in Aus!


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Sam said...

Happy Australia Day to you too Ellen! Phew! It was a hot muggy one for me! I lay low and tried to preserve my energy - hope yours was a goodie!

You know, I'm not sure how or where but I'm pretty sure I've seen this ep - I love sci-fi that goes backwards!

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